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Debbie De Grote

Excelleum Coaching & Consulting launches:
Community Marketing Real Estate Network

Debbie De Grote, founder and CEO of Excelleum Coaching & Consulting, a Costa Mesa, California based customized coaching company known for its faculty approach to business coaching, ‎announced today the launch of the Excelleum Community Marketing Real Estate Network.

The network will bring together a limited number of the most successful and community centric real estate professionals within local communities throughout North America.

The purpose of this unprecedented network is to help network members to build bigger, better and busier real estate businesses by providing them with better resources and skill-based training in order to better serve the real estate needs of their local communities.

The cornerstone of the network's value to community residents will be their strategic distribution of highly relevant real estate content that will better empower local consumers when making a wide range of real estate related decisions.

Each member will also be empowered by possessing the exclusive rights to Excelleum proprietary content, training, as well as off and on line marketing and consumer related educational materials.

Network members will also in addition to training and member networking benefits be able to private label materials and on line content that will include: How to Effectively Move Up, Downsizing with Distinction, the Real Estate Planning Guide, Renting or Buying, How to Select the Right Real Estate Agent, Why Homes Don't Sell, Neighbors Know Best, How to Increase Property Value and much more.

Other Community Marketing Real Estate Network member benefits will be a series of ongoing and password protected training webinars.

Most webinars will feature legendary real estate business coach Debbie De Grote and will focus almost exclusively on how to most effectively build home seller client bases.

De Grote's teaching content will be largely influenced by her and Excelleum's history of conducting over sixty thousand coaching consultations.

Additionally, the network will also be exposed to the" best of the best "community related ideas from fellow members during complementary webinars as well.

Webinar topics will range from how to create community based websites and videos, how to produce community event marketing, and how to significantly increase community based sphere of influence and generate referrals. Additionally, a focus of the training will be on how to develop compelling visibility campaigns and the effective use of community centric social media.

The single greatest motivation for the development of this one year in the development integrated system according to De Grote is:

"Top producing real estate professionals understand the unique value of being the first point of contact on the home seller side of the transaction.” This is because they have witnessed over the past decade how the first point of contact on the buyer side has been materially subsumed by real estate portals. De Grote continues:

"Prominent ‘listing side’ real estate professionals recognize the importance of remaining the first point of contact on the home selling side. However, increasingly they now realize they must become more strategic and systematized than ever before, especially regarding increasing their range, reach, and local real estate influence.

Excelleum also believes that the best way to ensure that home sellers throughout North America get to select the most qualified and successful realtors is for our most accomplished real estate professionals to do a better job of professionally inserting themselves within their local communities

This must occur not only during the transaction event, but before, during, and after a consumer has a real estate need.

Therefore, Excelleum will first select these professionals and then provide them with remarkable and distinctive resources, training and collaboration in order to guarantee that the best agents and homeowners develop trustful relationships within their communities.

Presently and unfortunately many consumers today, when buying a home, select their agent through a hit or miss or lottery like process. This too often results in consumers ending up with a less accomplished agent than they truly deserve.

The selection of the right agent to manage the infinitely more complicated process of marketing a home should never default to this serendipitous like selection method as there is too much at stake.

Home sellers deserve to become more familiar with who the better real estate professionals are, and Excelleum is committed to making this more possible.

This is also why we at Excelleum will be very selective in who we bring into the network, as well as limiting the number of members per market.

Our network must and will be known for representing both the best consumer content and for showcasing members that are the most skillfully coached and who provide their local clients and consumers with the highest value.

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